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Clatter is a wireless IM Lens instant messaging system built on to a soft contact lens. Clatter differs from other, commercial lens services by being open source and "riding" other services to create free cross-platform access.

It was created by John Reinhardt/Doktor Sleepless before he left for the Amazon.

Shriekygirls piggyback their shriekyware connections on Clatter signals.


Screenshot of a Clatter client.

Clatter allows changes in status. These could be limited to Online / Offline ("OFF"), though an asterix beside an online user may imply an altered status. Sing's boyfriend comments on the news that DJ Amun is dead by asking if DJ was "at home", implying either that Clatter does not function outside of Heavenside or perhaps that users, or indeed just DJ, left their lens behind while traveling.

Is designed to be independent of the other IM networks as well as city infrastructures, such that it will still function if they all go down. In this sense it may be based on a P2P system that rides off of users that are connected to it.

Known Clatter users

Former Clatter users

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